A Good Month (And It Ain't Over Yet)

The month of June has been a whirlwind at the Center for Court Innovation. In addition to the usual work, we have organized the opening of Newark Community Solutions, an attendance court graduation in Harlem, youth court events in Greenpoint and Harlem, the unveiling of the Youth Justice Board's latest recommendations, a reentry court graduation, a celebration of the fathers who participate in the Midtown Community Court's parenting program, an anniversary celebration at QUEST, and a community event in Brownsville where we shared the findings of our neighborhood survey with local residents. Along the way, our procedural fairness work has been profiled in the ABA Journal, our reentry work in the Bronx was featured in the Daily News, and the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre was the subject of debate in the House of Lords. And I haven't even mentioned Mike's trip to speak at the prestigious Stockholm Criminology Conference. Or Julius, Elvita and Brett going to Australia to advance the cause of community justice. I could go on, but you get the picture. Just a spectacular month all around.

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