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A Simple Hug

I have written about Jonathan Lippman before (see  here  for example), but it is always good to have another opportunity to give credit where credit is due.  At the Center for Court Innovation's  25th anniversary celebration  earlier this week, Judge Lippman was honored with a well-deserved lifetime achievement award. Asked to give a short introduction, this is what I said: What is there to say about Jonathan Lippman that hasn’t already been said?    You don’t need me to tell you about the decades of public service.  And you don’t need me to tell you about all of the important causes he has championed, often before they were fashionable: problem-solving justice, bail reform, tax fairness, and so many more.     Instead of talking about Judge Lippman’s grand, public achievements tonight, I want to talk about something small and personal.     You almost certainly won’t remember this judge, but at the end of the long and arduous selection process when I was applying to be the executive

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