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Vital City

I have been spending a lot of my time and energy of late on Vital City , a new policy journal that seeks to spark new thinking about how to build and sustain thriving cities. I have been working on it with  Liz Glazer,  who originally dreamed up the idea, Josh Greenman , who previously served as the editorial page editor of the New York Daily News, and a small team of talented researchers, designers and administrators.   One of the things that I love about Vital City is that it aims to speak to readers across a broad ideological spectrum.  Over our first year, we have attracted a diverse set of contributors, including prominent journalists, academics, government officials, community activists and more.  This includes prison abolitionists like Marlon Peterson. It also includes folks from the Manhattan Institute who have a very different take on criminal justice.  For all of their differences, what unites the contributors to Vital City is a commitment to solid evidence, civil discourse,

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