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Deep Cut: Jeremy Travis

In recent months, I have been spending a good chunk of my time on a project for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation,  "At the Crossroads,"  that has involved interviewing a series of experts on community violence in New York City.  The latest interview in the series was particularly rich -- I sat down with Jeremy Travis of Arnold Ventures to talk about his career, which has included stops at the Vera Institute of Justice, the NYPD, the US Department of Justice, the Urban Institute, John Jay College, and more.   Over the course of a half century (!) Jeremy has played a role in some of the most significant criminal justice reform efforts of our times -- and interacted with a host of important figures.  I talked with him about some of these luminaries, but a lot of this conversation ended up getting cut from the final piece just for reasons of length.  I present it here as a deep cut for hard-core criminal justice nerds. Berman:  One part of your career that I know less well

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