Basketball in the Bronx

Notes from around the Center...

Bronx Community Solutions: As a long-time hoops fan, one of my favorite projects is the basketball league sponsored by Bronx Community Solutions, which brings together ex-offenders to compete against teams composed of police officers. In the Bronx Community Solutions blog, Judah writes about the league’s annual award ceremony, and quotes an NYPD community affairs officer as saying: "I grew up in the Bronx, I know the about the tension between the youth and the police, and now I'm a cop. There’s a lack of communication and lots of confusion. Basketball leagues like this help."

Midtown Community Court: The Daily News used Eliot Spitzer’s troubles as a hook for a column about Midtown’s work with prostitutes.

Crown Heights Community Mediation Center: There’s good news to report from Crown Heights, which in addition to having moved into new offices, has just been awarded critical funding from the Independence Community Foundation. In the days ahead, the Crown Heights team will be providing mediation training to student government leaders at Brooklyn College and helping to facilitate a new coalition that was created in response to a recent alleged hate crime in the neighborhood.

Comings and Goings: I'm sad to report that Amy M. from the research department and Carolyn T. from the communications department will be leaving us over the next few weeks. Please join me in wishing them well as they embark on new adventures.

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