People I Admire, Pt. 1

Earlier this week I was at an event put together by LIFT where I had a chance to talk about some people that have been particularly meaningful in my life -- people like John Feinblatt, Mary McCormick, Jonathan Lippman and Judith Kaye. It got me thinking about people that I admire professionally. I thought I'd start an occasional series spotlighting some of them. Here's a first installment.

Amy Ellenbogen, the director of our Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, who has been nominated for a Brooklyn Do-Gooder award.

Ben Rogers, a British intellectual who writes frequently about the relationship between government and communities.

Laurie Robinson, the head of the Office of Justice Programs, who recently gave a speech about the importance of community prosecution.

Jeff Butts, a researcher at John Jay College who specializes in youth justice.

Timothy Murray, the director of the Pretrial Justice Institute, who has been leading a national campaign to change bail practice.

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