Community Justice 2010: A Brief Report

Just back in New York after four days in Dallas, Texas for Community Justice 2010, the first ever international gathering of community courts. I'll probably send along some more thoughts about the conference later, but in the meantime I thought I'd share an excerpt from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's remarks:

Over the course of nearly two decades, since the very first community court opened its doors in Manhattan, combining punishment with assistance has proven to be a critical strategy in improving public safety...Community courts have been essential in guiding efforts to reduce crime, empower communities and create opportunities. I’ve seen this first hand...While the size and scope of our community courts vary, they have all proven the power of community involvement in strengthening public safety and public confidence in our justice system...I’m proud of the progress that we are making and of the investments we are directing to support our community courts and the Center for Court Innovation.

The Crime Report ran a short story on the conference and Rethinking Reentry also offered some live blogging.

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