Odds and Ends

Last month was an intense one in terms of fundraising. Like many folks in the world of criminal justice, the focus of our efforts was figuring out how to respond to the federal stimulus RFP. It is a credit to Jill, Maggie and the rest of the development team that the whole process went as smoothly as it did.

While we wait to see whether any of our proposals were successful, the Center is buzzing with activity. Just a handful of examples:

We've had a breakthrough with the Staten Island youth court -- thanks to Raye's hard work, it appears that we've finally reached consensus with the Richmond County DA's Office and the local defense bar on diverting selected misdemeanor cases from adult criminal court to youth court.

The Red Hook youth baseball league, sponsored by the Red Hook Community Justice Center, is in full swing and headed for the playoffs. Those interested in checking it out might circle June 6th on their calendars: it is also the date of the annual waterfront festival.

Val and Mike are actively working with administrators at the Office of Court Administration to figure out how the courts should respond to the Rockefeller drug law reforms recently passed in Albany.

The Midtown Community Court is busy preparing a graduation ceremony in early June for individuals who have come through the court's various programs, including drug treatment and the fatherhood initiative.

The Youth Justice Board is just a few weeks away from releasing its report on how to promote alternatives to juvenile detention. I've read an early draft and must say that it is an impressive piece of work.

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