Farewell to Maggie

Today we said goodbye to Maggie, who has been part of the administrative spine of the Center for a decade. With expertise in both finance and development, Maggie's influence was felt in every corner of the Center. In her time with us, the organization more than doubled in size and launched more than twenty new projects (and I'm sure that I'm forgetting some). Basically, Maggie helped us move from infancy to maturity as an agency, becoming more sophisticated and professional with each passing year. We owe her a great debt that I hope was at least partially repaid by this afternoon's memorable farewell party, which featured a truly remarkable and funny film made by Rob and Robyn in tribute to Maggie. I'd feel bad about Maggie leaving if I wasn't sure that a) she will stay in touch, and b) she will be an enormous success in the days ahead as she pursues a medical education.

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