Set It Off

In addition to the start of the Harlem Justice Corps, Friday also marked the opening of the Barclays Center, a new stadium that will house the Brooklyn Nets as well as various concerts and other events.  I'm a Brooklyn resident and a basketball fan, so I have followed the development of the stadium with some interest.  My interest was heightened by the fact that I live a few blocks away from the stadium so its success or failure will directly impact the quality of my life.

The arena opened with a concert by Brooklyn's most famous rapper, Jay-Z.  I didn't get tickets, but I took my daughters to soak up the atmosphere outside the building.  It was a fun occasion -- there was  nice spirit on the streets.  Inside, Jay-Z paid tribute to the golden era of hip-hop by giving Big Daddy Kane, one of my all-time favorite rappers, a share of his spotlight.  Big Daddy Kane appears around the 6 minute mark in this video shot by an amateur cameraman.

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