Various and Sundry

A few things from around the Internet that caught my eye today, most involving friends of mine or organizations that we have worked with in the past:

Judge Kevin Burke, a leading light in the fight for procedural justice and newly installed as president of the American Judges Association, has started a new blog.

I've been so busy shilling for the Center's upcoming 15th anniversary event that I thought I'd give it a rest for a day and highlight the Center for Urban Pedagogy's upcoming benefit on Oct. 13th. Keen readers of this blog will remember that we partnered with CUP on one of my favorite projects of the past couple of years: a comic book guide to the juvenile justice system for young people arrested in New York.

A New York Times editorial quotes research by John Jay's Jeff Butts to make the case that states should incarcerate fewer juveniles and use more community-based alternatives -- exactly what programs of ours like QUEST and the Red Hook Community Justice Center and the Staten Island Youth Justice Center have been doing for years.

Sticking with the Times, the paper also covered the race for district attorney in San Francisco with an emphasis on the candidates' support for restorative justice. Potentially good news for the community court in San Francisco?

My buddy Glenn Markman's wife, Jan-Testori Markman, has an art opening this Thursday. I like the stuff that's featured on her website.

Which is more important offense or defense? My favorite soccer blog, Missed A Sitter by my buddy John Bostwick, takes on this eternal debate.

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