17 Years and Counting

Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the day I started working at the Midtown Community Court. This photo of John Feinblatt and me was actually taken a year or two later, but it gives a sense of how young we both were back then. As an added bonus, here is a link to one of the first articles about the Midtown Community in the New York Times. While the piece describes the fact that both Legal Aid and the Manhattan DA at the time opposed the project, there's no escaping the topic sentence: "Justice has never looked so fabulous."

PS, thanks to Cynthia, Bill and the folks at the Wesleyan alumni magazine for providing the above photo.

PPS, to complete today's dose of nostalgia, here is a link to a great post on the egotrip website about the making of Boogie Down Productions' "My Philosophy" video, which was one of the songs that kindled my interest in hip-hop back in the 80s.

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