A Public Health Approach to Public Safety

In recent months, we've done a few things with the COPS office at the Department of Justice. On our end, this has been driven almost entirely by Julius Lang, who for years has been talking about the need for those who are interested in community policing, community prosecution and community courts to share information and resources. Most recently, Julius worked on a project with the COPS office that also included the California Endowment -- an effort to determine what law enforcement can learn from the world of public health. The COPS office recently posted a blog entry that offers some more details, which can be found here. In addition, we have posted a couple of podcasts related to the roundtable. The first is an interview with Anthony Iton of the California Endowment. The second is an interview with Mallory O'Brien, a researcher at Duke University.

PS, Speaking of interesting events, my wife recently organized an event on Jewish humor at the New School. I've forwarded a link to the video to several people who found it amusing.

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