Drifting Between Worlds

Ben Chambers, who blogs frequently about juvenile justice and other topics, recently posted a piece on "Drifting Between Worlds: Delinquency and Postive Engagement Among Red Hook Youth", a short study that we published a little while back that looks at youth attitudes toward crime and anti-social behavior. The bottom line: it's complicated. Even young people who were engaged in pro-social youth development programming continued to engage in some illegal behaviors.

While I'm at it, here are a few other recent links:

An article about sex offender courts in Pennsylvania that quotes Rebecca Thomforde Hauser of the Center for Court Innovation.

The Prison Service Journal in England includes an interview with the Center's Aubrey Fox.

The Red Hook Youth Court has started a blog.

NESTA, an institution dedicated to promoting social innovation in the UK, has a paper entitled Evidence for Social Policy and Practice that includes a section on the Center for Court Innovation.

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