Food Glorious Food

I'm on vacation next week so I am frantically trying to work my way through my in-box and get things squared away before I leave. Although the awful heat seems to have broken here in New York, the Center for Court Innovation is still cooking, in some cases literally. Case in point: earlier this week, the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center held a party to celebrate the release of Crown Heights Is Cookin', a new cookbook that gathers recipes from the diverse ethnic groups that comprise Crown Heights. Click here to order the book.

The Midtown Community Court has food-related news to share as well. Green Mountain Coffee selected the Court as one of the finalists in their Revelation to Action competition. In addition, the Crime Report did a recent story on prostitution in New York City that featured the Court.

I was struggling to come up with a food-related angle to talk about the Greenpoint Youth Court, which held its second-ever graduation ceremony last night, when Beth sent along a photo of a beautiful cake that Nancy made for the event. If I can figure out how to upload it, I'll share the photo at some point.

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