State of the Judiciary

Today marked Judith Kaye's final state of the judiciary address as chief judge of New York. In a change of pace, she chose to make her remarks in downtown Manhattan, at NYU, rather than the Court of Appeals in Albany. It definitely felt like the end of an era. As Kaye recounted her sense of the state of the judiciary, it was hard not to be impressed by the depth and the breadth of the reform that she has brought to the courts. We're going to miss her.
A number of Center for Court Innovation-related projects appeared in the address, including the teen space project that the Youth Justice Board is working on, community court, domestic violence court, mental health court, Staten Island youth court, drug court and the Center for Courts and the Community. She also mentioned the Center specifically, saying:
I would be remiss if I neglected to mention, and heartily applaud, the Center for Court Innovation, our public-private research and development arm...The Center enjoys the best of both worlds: inside knowledge, combined with outside perspective.
Here's a link to the entire speech.

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