Aiding Juveniles in Nassau County

Last week I sent around an email describing some recent work we've been doing in the world of Family Court. One project I neglected to mention is an initiative that Val and Dennis have been working on in Nassau County, with support from the US Department of Justice. Here's a short overview, courtesy of Dennis:

In October of 2007, the New York State Unified Court System received a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to implement a new kind of juvenile drug treatment court for substance-abusing juvenile offenders in Nassau County. The court will integrate the Reclaiming Futures model, developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, into the juvenile drug treatment court program to help hundreds of troubled juveniles break the cycle of drugs, alcohol, and crime.

The goal of the project is to support the identification of juveniles requiring substance abuse treatment, expand the screening and assessment of respondents in juvenile delinquency petitions; and engage youth more effectively in treatment by increasing the number and range of effective treatment options. The Center for Court Innovation is providing coordination and technical assistance to the Nassau County Juvenile treatment Court, which opened its doors in May of 2008.

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