Fordham Law Class

Tonight I taught a class at Fordham Law School.  A few years back, we designed a course on problem-solving courts with the help of a handful of law professors and other smart people.  Fordham has generously allowed us to offer the class for the past three years -- first with Val teaching it as an adjunct, and this year with Adam.   Adam asked me to lecture about the future of problem-solving justice.  It was a good time, mostly because the students seemed thoughtful and well-versed (kudos to Adam, by the way).  I think in its own small way the course is an important contribution to the future of problem-solving justice, actually.  We've sent the curriculum around to judges and academics around the country and a handful of them have adapted the course in their local law schools.   I think this is another sign that our ideas are starting to spread into formerly unchartered waters (in this case, academia).

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