Maggie Cassidy

Last week brought sad news for those of us at the Center for Court Innovation -- we learned of the premature passing of our former colleague, Maggie Cassidy.  (See here for obituary.)  

Maggie stopped working for us a few years ago (to attend medical school), but she left behind a powerful legacy.  She was an important player in our growth and maturation as an agency.  As a member of our development and fiscal teams, Maggie was responsible for ensuring that our operating programs had the resources they needed to serve their clients well.  Sometimes there is a disconnect in non-profit agencies between those who do the work on the ground and those who have administrative jobs.  That wasn't the case with Maggie: she was someone with an instinctive understanding of the difficulties of working with challenging populations, be they defendants, victims, or community residents.  She was fiercely committed to facilitating the work of our program staff and was an advocate for them both internally and externally. 

Her work ethic was one reason why Maggie was a particularly beloved staff member around here. The other reason was her personality.  Put simply, Maggie was smart as hell and funny as heck.  She was a quick study, capable of cutting through complicated rhetoric to understand the root of problems. Her intelligence was complimented by the brightness of her smile and her ability to see the humor even in difficult situations.  

We will miss her.  We send our thoughts and best wishes to her family. 

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