Long Time No Blog

Apologies for my silence of late -- the end of the year has been a busy time for me both at work and at home, including a fair amount of travel and a bat mitzvah celebration for my youngest daughter.  A few quick hits before 2015 comes to a close:

This is the season of giving, so I thought I'd highlight a few of the criminal justice organizations that I have chosen to support this year.  These include the Vera Institute of Justice (which just released a nifty tool for tracking the growth in jail populations across the United States), the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education (my alma mater's effort to provide a liberal arts education to inmates in Connecticut prisons), LIFT (an agency co-founded by my friend Liberty Aldrich that provides information to litigants in NYC Family Court), the New Press (which has publishes a range of interesting books on criminal justice, among other topics), and, of course, the Center for Court Innovation (the agency that has been my home for the past two decades). 

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy new year. 

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