What to Read

So much to read, so little time.   Here is my latest effort to make things just a little easier -- a small sampling of interesting news and information related to the Center for Court Innovation from around the world wide web.

Problem-solving is the name of the game for Robert Feldstein -- The Seattle Times profiles former Red Hook Community Justice Center director who is now working for the mayor of Seattle.

Pretrial Research: A Solid Foundation and Growing Field -- Our friends at the Pretrial Justice Institute convene a congressional briefing on bail reform; Melissa Labriola from the Center for Court Innovation is one of the featured speakers.

Why Do So Many Leftists Want Sex Work To Be The New Normal? -- The Nation's Katha Pollitt writes about a generational divide among feminists and cites Liberty Aldrich from the Center for Court Innovation.

Strengthening the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Communities of Color Forum -- The Department of Justice convened this discussion at the Ford Foundation; Chris Watler of the Harlem Community Justice Center facilitated the conversation.

Senescence: The Passage of Time -- Alain Bourgeois photo exhibit opens May 6; all proceeds to benefit the Center for Court Innovation.

Justice D'Emic Gets Plaudits Along with Key Post -- Brooklyn Eagle report on the appointment of the Brooklyn Mental Health Court's Matthew d'Emic to serve as administrative judge for criminal matters in Kings County.

Q and A: Acting Supreme Court Justice Alex Calabrese -- New York Law Journal interviews Alex Calabrese, the presiding judge at the Red Hook Community Justice Center.

If Gun Violence Is a Disease, These People Might Just Be the Cure -- Daily Beast article on the gun violence prevention work being done by Save Our Streets Crown Heights.

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