A Winter's Day in Brownsville

I spent the bulk of this afternoon in Brownsville, checking in on the Brownsville Community Justice Center.  I'm not sure that it was the coldest day of the winter, but it certainly felt like it.  While the streets were freezing, our headquarters were full of warmth.   I might have been a bit cranky as I came in off Pitkin Avenue, but it was hard to stay in a bad mood as I heard about all of the  good works currently happening under our auspices -- computer labs, public art campaigns, community service projects at local food kitchens, partnerships with the NYPD and the NYC Department of Probation...the amount of activity was truly staggering.   Congrats to James Brodick and the whole team for their hard work and good cheer in difficult circumstances.

A few other bits and bobs that caught my eye from around the Internet:

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