My In-Box

I have just returned to New York following a whirlwind visit to London to check in on our Centre for Justice Innovation.   I'll probably write more about our progress in the UK when I have a moment, but in the meantime, here is a quick spin through a few of the things in my in-box that I found particularly interesting.

  • The Silent Victims of Incarceration -- CNN runs a story on the children of incarcerated parents that features Chris Watler of the Harlem Community Justice Center. 
  • Brushes With the Law -- The latest report from Child Welfare Watch examines teens in the criminal justice system and touches on a number of Center for Court Innovation-related topics, including the Red Hook Community Justice Center and our work on alternatives-to-detention and NY State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman's adolescent diversion initiative. 
  • Kindle Project -- Our pilot peacemaking project in Red Hook receives a grant from the Kindle Project of the Common Counsel Foundation. 
  • A New Reason to Kvell -- Morrie Arnovich, my first cousin, twice-removed (whom I wrote about here) finally gets his due from the New York Times. 
  • Wesleyan Center for Prison Education -- Fall newsletter from my friends at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.
  • New York Court Families Assistance Fund -- The National Center for State Courts supports the efforts of the New York (and New Jersey) courts to help employees recover from Hurricane Sandy.

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