More on Sandy

Today was a day to assess the damage that Sandy has wrought.  Perhaps predictably, the news was both good and bad.  Several Center for Court Innovation projects managed to get up and running, albeit imperfectly.  While we were open for business at Bronx Community Solutions, Brownsville Community Justice Center, QUEST, and the Harlem Community Justice Center, several projects remained closed, including the Staten Island Youth Justice Center, Midtown Community Court, Newark Community Solutions, and the Red Hook Community Justice Center.

Red Hook, which is located in southwest Brooklyn a short walk from the waterfront, has been the hardest hit.  A torn banner is the least of our worries (thanks to Brett Taylor for the above photo); in addition to having no electricity, the building also has several feet of water inside.  I fear it will be some time before the Justice Center is back to full operations.

In the meantime, our team in Red Hook is still working to make a difference in the neighborhood.  According to Jessica Colon, the deputy director of the Justice Center:

This morning, we canvassed Red Hook to identify areas and people in assistance. The volunteers worked with the New York City Housing Authority to reach out to home-bound, frail, and elderly residents in Red Hook's public housing development. Volunteers are also working with another local organizations, including the Red Hook Initiative which is giving out supplies and food to local residents.

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