Mental Health Courts Work

I'm back in New York after an all-too-short vacation in Martha's Vineyard.  While I was gone, we sent around an email blast announcing the release of the Urban Institute's evaluation of the Brooklyn Mental Health Court.  The study, which documents reductions in recidivism among participants in the mental health court when compared to similarly situated defendants whose cases received conventional case processing, was picked by the New York Law Journal which did a short piece on its front page yesterday (behind a pay wall, unfortunately, so I'm not bothering with a link).  Our friend Kevin Burke at the American Judges Association also did a short blog posting about the study under the headline "Mental Health Courts Work."

While I'm sharing links -- and with apologies if this crosses some sort of invisible self-promotional line -- here is an interview I did recently with two members of our Youth Justice Board about the Center for Court Innovation's work with young people.

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