Hits from the Blogs

I spent a few moments yesterday morning helping to welcome the latest cohort of summer interns (most of them law students) to the Center for Court Innovation.  It offered me a chance to reflect on my own experiences as an intern.  Thanks in part to experiences I had as an intern in college, I decided not to pursue a career in journalism or academia.   A few years later, during my Coro fellowship year, I did an internship at the Fund for the City of New York to help with the planning of the Midtown Community Court.  That was real turning point for me, setting me off down a path that ultimately led to the Center for Court Innovation.

The Center has grown enormously in stature and size since I served that fateful internship.  One sign of this growth is that we now maintain no less than 13 blogs, not including this one.   Is this too many?  Too few?  How does one measure the success of a blog?  And how uniform in content and appearance should our blogs be?  These are some of the questions that I am currently struggling to answer.

While I'd like to see us continue to get more sophisticated about how we use blogs (and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other means of dissemination), we already have a wealth of interesting material on our blogs.  For example, in recent weeks, SOS Crown Heights blogged about Arts to End Violence, the Red Hook Community Justice Center offered great photos of a new mural project, our AmeriCorps program provided a glimpse of a community project designed to promote summer reading among young people, and our Youth@Center blog launched a series of interviews performed by teen participants in our youth programs.

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