Drug Courts on the March

This week marks the 18th national drug court conference, convened by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

The week got off to a rousing start with an appearance by US Attorney General Eric Holder at a drug court graduation in Washington DC.  In his remarks, the Attorney General called drug courts “an essential part of our larger national strategy for ensuring public safety, protecting the American people from crime and violence, and giving better outcomes for those involved with the criminal justice system. This Administration, and my boss, President Obama, remain deeply committed to expanding [drug courts].”

As we usually do, the Center for Court Innovation is sending a small contingent to the drug court conference, led by Valerie Raine who oversees all of our drug court work.  Mike Rempel, our research director, will have a particularly prominent role this year, participating in numerous panels to present findings from the multi-site adult drug court evaluation.  

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