A Farewell in Red Hook

Yesterday, the Red Hook Community Justice Center hosted a farewell party for Leroy Davis, a court officer who retired after more than a decade of service in Red Hook. Since the very start of the Justice Center, Leroy has been an important part of establishing the culture of the place. There's an old aphorism that you never get a second chance to make a positive first impression. Leroy, and the rest of the court officers who guard the building and keep inhabitants safe, seem to take that wisdom to heart. At the door to the Justice Center, they help set a tone that is both secure and friendly, welcoming and no-nonsense. But Leroy's role at the Justice Center was never confined to his job description; he always went above and beyond, particularly if kids were involved. To get just a little bit of the flavor of the man, it is worth checking out the short Red Hook video. We wish him well going forward.

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