From the Ground Up

I'm in London this week for the release of From the Ground Up, a new publication that our London office put together with our friends at Policy Exchange. The book is basically a meditation on the value of demonstration projects as a reform strategy. As part of the book launch, we convened a two-day event that brought together innovative criminal justice officials from England, Wales and Scotland with their counterparts from the US. I will try to write more expansively when I get home and have access to a proper computer, but for now I will just say that the gathering was a huge success and really underlined how far we have come in a relatively short time in the UK. Much praise is due of course to Aubrey Fox, who has been leading our London efforts. Aubrey has had a fair amount of help of course. Credit is also due to Policy Exchange (particularly Blair Gibbs), the Young Foundation (particularly Anton Shelupanov) and Gavin Lockhart, who co-wrote From the Ground Up with Aubrey.

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