Youth Court Links (Plus Spidey!)

It is a sultry and enervating July day in New York. Most of the energy that hasn't been drained out of me by the heat has been devoted to youth development in one form or another. Earlier today, I met with a group of young people from Red Hook who are working on a photography project to document justice in their neighborhood. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what they come up -- they were super impressive.

Also, here are two youth court links that came across my desk today. The first is "Youth Courts 101," a piece from the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange that includes this awkward video of me.

The second is "In Judge Nikkia's Court, A Response to Teen Crime," a piece from Brooklyn Ink.

In truth, the most exciting news of the day is that the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has hit the Internet, posted below for your convenience.

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