Juvenile Justice Corps

I haven't written much (any?) about one of our newest projects: the New York Juvenile Justice Corps. So here's a start. This AmeriCorps service program grows out of a program that we ran for many years out of the Red Hook Community Justice Center. The program now works citywide to prevent young people in New York City from becoming enmeshed in the criminal justice system. Thanks to the Juvenile Justice Corps, 58 people are devoting of a year of their lives to providing services at various Center for Court Innovation projects -- and at OCFS facilities and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Among other things, members are leading workshops and after-school programs, reaching out to local residents and providing case management and academic support to needy kids. They recently helped conduct a survey of Brownsville residents as part of our planning for a community court in the neighborhood. Congrats to Viviana, Jessica, James and everyone else who has worked so hard to get the program off the ground.

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