Midtown Success Story

My favorite email of the week comes from Becca at the Midtown Community Court, who sends along an example of the positive outcomes that happen on a regular basis at our demonstration projects. I've edited the email slightly for clarity and length. I also changed the name of the participant.

Mr. Scott has come through Midtown regularly quality-of-life offenses. Through the years, our staff “planted seeds” in Mr. Scott’s mind, encouraging him to strongly consider our on-site Times Square Ink job training program. Finally, something clicked for Mr. Norwood the last time he appeared in Court before Judge Weinberg. After completing a one day court mandate, Mr. Scott decided to voluntarily enroll in Times Square Ink. As one of the only voluntary participants in TSI, Mr. Scott was always the first one here and the last one to leave. He devoted every ounce of energy, poise and drive to take advantage of the program. The computer exercises and interviewing practice did not come easy to Mr. Scott, but his determination ultimately paid off. He completed Times Square Ink in late November and two weeks later TSI placed him in a sanitation job with Times Square Alliance! This same man who just 6 months ago was breaking the law in our neighborhood, is now helping the neighborhood and helping himself! Mr. Scott’s story is a true MCC success. It took everyone from the Court Officers, to Judge, to Resource Coordinator, Alternative Sanctions staff, Social Workers, and lastly TSI staff, to help him evolve into a law abiding, working NYC resident!

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