Events, Events, Events

I spent this morning at John Jay College at an event put together by David Kennedy's Center on Crime Prevention and Control. Tracey Meares and Andrew Papachristos gave a talk about and the importance of legitimacy in controlling crime. We don't always foreground this vocabulary when we talk about our work, but I think our projects all speak to this idea: that if we hope to create safe, law-abiding communities, criminal justice system players need to be viewed as legitimate and rightful actors. A focus on procedural justice is hard-wired into what we do, particularly at our community-based projects.

Speaking of events, here are a few upcoming gatherings that the Center for Court Innovation is involved in:

October 12th at New York Law School: A panel entitled "Combating Domestic Violence Through the Courts: Addressing the Gaps Within the Legal System" that features Robyn Mazur from the Center and Hon. John Leventhal who used to preside at the Brooklyn Domestic Violence Court.

October 15 at John Jay College: Do Reentry Courts Reduce Recidivism? -- a panel that looks at our Harlem Reentry Court, sponsored by the Prisoner Reentry Institute.

November 4-5 in Washington DC: American Bar Association conference on sentencing and reentry that we are co-sponsoring.

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