Failure Book Publicity

This week was a busy one in terms of Trial & Error in Criminal Justice Reform: Learning from Failure. It started with a party at the Fund for the City of New York to celebrate the book's release. It was great to see so many friendly faces from the non-profit sector, state government and city government (including new Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith). Better still, the event functioned as a mini-Center for Court Innovation reunion, drawing back alums like John Feinblatt, Amanda Burden and many others. Here's Urban Institute's press release publicizing the book.

In the days since the party, Aubrey and I have been working on an op-ed about the book for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. I'll let you know when it runs. In addition, I've been doing a fair number of talk radio shows across the country. Easily the funniest was my appearance on Rude Awakening with Bulldog and the Dude from Maryland. Please know that it was a 7am appearance and that I am not generally an articulate person in the morning.

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