Center Alumni Round-Up

Last week I learned that Nicole Campbell, who used to work at the Center as a writer, had been named a White House Fellow. This got me to thinking about all of the amazing people who have come through the Center over the years. Here is a quick rundown of what a handful of Center alums are up to. I hope to pass along more in the weeks to come...

Eric Lee is the president of a consulting firm, Bennett Midland.

Sheryl Goldstein is the director of the Baltimore Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice.

Amanda Burden is the head of NYC's Department of City Planning.

Sarah Bryer is the director of the National Juvenile Justice Network.

Derek Denckla is an eco-friendly real estate developer.

Greg Steinberg runs a technology company called Something Digital.

Leslie Paik is a professor of sociology at CUNY.

Emily Sack is a professor at Roger Williams College of Law.

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