Brooklyn Law School

Just a quick report from my evening at Brooklyn Law School at Anne Swern's class on problem-solving justice.  Anne is part of the brain trust at the Brooklyn DA's Office and has been a crucial partner on the Red Hook Community Justice Center, the Brooklyn Mental Health Court, the Brooklyn Treatment Court and other projects.  A couple of years ago, she decided to teach a class at Brooklyn Law, adapting a curriculum on problem-solving courts that we created with the help of a handful of legal academics (Val and Adam piloted the curriculum at Fordham Law School).  Her class was an impressive group -- around 20 third and second year students, all Brooklynites.  Each student came to the material from a different perspective -- domestic violence, family law, alternative dispute resolution, etc.   It was encouraging to see that our work in academia continues to reverberate -- and that the next generation of lawyers is deeply curious about court innovation.  

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