Channeling Larry King

Bits and bites from the past week or so at 520...Al and Raye and I have been having some preliminary meetings about the possibility of Staten Island youth court...Jackie has been working on a document that would publicize all of the community outreach work being done by courts across New York State...we are officially investigating the possibility of a youth justice board that would be devoted exclusively to foster care issues...Al has been named by Gov. Paterson to participate in a statewide blue-ribbon panel that will seek to promote juvenile justice reform...plans for Midtown's annual fundraiser are moving forward...I've been putting together an event with the New York Times Company Foundation to publicize the international community justice movement...the BBC has reached out to us because they're interested in filming some of the juvenile justice work we do...finally, Rob and Julius celebrated birthdays this week, so please join me in wishing them the best.

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