E-Mail of the Week

This is from Amy in Crown Heights:

I was on the 3 train last night heading home and a young woman across the aisle started to talk to me. She was interested in moving to Brooklyn but wanted advice about the neighborhoods. I started to respond to her, but a man on the other side of the train jumped in, "You should go to the Mediation Center, have you tried them?" Again, before I could say anything, a woman across the aisle from him said, "Oh yeah, you should go by them- that place is great." Then the two of them started to talk about how helpful the Center was. Although I was tempted to just silently listen in, I told them that I worked there. The gentleman told me that he had gotten help from us and frequently checked our window to find out about local events. Just recently he learned about the free concerts in the park. He's also had relatives get information from us about the low income apartments. He said he always refers people to us and that he knows five people who regularly get assistance from us. I always love it when strangers in New York start helping each other out on the subway, but it is even better when they are (literally) shouting our praises.

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