USA Today Reader Reaction

I thought i might share a handful of the comments that have been posted on USA Today's website in response to the article they ran a couple of weeks ago on the growth of community courts. I've eliminated a handful of supportive comments, but the bulk of comments were as follows:

These people are a waste of dna. I think it is extremely naive to assume just sending them off to counseling will modify their full-time petty criminal status. It may be less expensive than jailing them- but it's not in a billion years going to change their ways- they are career idiots as well as career criminals- and will be so until they die.

If you get arrested 10 times in your life you should be thrown off a cliff.

Vote for Obama so we can use our tax dollars to pay for these people's booze.

Arm yourself america....because as you see..the system has failed.....join the NRA

Force them to work jobs illegal aliens are happy to do. Make them pay taxes too.
Give their brain a turn, and make them learn.

Incarceration IS the only answer..period.....THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!!!!

Hey i got an idea...why not just send them to some island and let them kill each other...that way we dont have to deal with them...better yet...they can take the ACLU with them.

If you've been arrested more than 200 times, I doubt you're going to change your behavior.

How long will it be before "petty crime" is no longer viewed as crime?

Oh, I forgot: When OsamaObama is coronated in 2009, everything will immediately be fixed. Sunshine and lollipops for everybody!!!

""how do we make sure that the petty criminal does not end up in jail?". Well with our eroding family values and youths growing up that "can do no wrong", and their sense of entitlement to everything under the sun - with no consequences ever being taught.... that will be a tuff one.

As usual, the liberals have led us astray. The obvious solution: Chain gangs.

The three strikes and your out rule should apply everywhere.

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